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Who's who at the Paddocks...
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Jenny is our super talented sole female resident, she has an extensive portfolio of drawings, loves to bake and plays excellent tunes on the piano while singing along.  Jenny enjoys short walks and swimming and goes on holiday regularly to Italy and Hotels in ireland with her parents. 


Neil, our typical teenager, loves nothing more than to sleep in.

He is slowly adjusting to country life after the hustle and bustle of Liverpool, where he lived for a few years.

Neil loves to watch people draw familiar pictures and loves other peoples company, he also spends lots of time on the swing in the garden, or kicking a ball around.


Tom our computer expert and resident organiser, has everything in it's place and everyone on time.  A regular at the local library, where he looks up his favourite Disney clips on You Tube, Tom also likes the cinema, hmmmm... or is it the popcorn?  Tom's digital camera and photographs are also very important to him, he has a vast collection of images which he loves to look through and video clips which he watches while relaxing in the evenings.

Tom enjoys regular visits home with his family and holidays in Ireland and abroad.

Massage and relaxation along with doing nothing, have to be on Tom's list of favourites too!


William is our resident Historian, his knowledge about the Popes throughout history goes unchallenged and in 2009 he realised a dream and took a trip to The Holy Land with his parents, there is a page dedicated to this, Check it out!


Tadgh lives independently in his own flat at the Paddocks, he likes nothing more than to go out for a nice long walk in the countryside.  Tadgh does Art and Home Economics classes at The Anchorage and goes home regularly to visit his parents who live nearby.  He goes on holiday with them several times a year, in 2009 he made a groundbreaking trip to New York, travelling by Plane for the first time.


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